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8 1 Outside Mess Tent At Dhampu After Theft 8 2 Trek From Dhampu To Camp Before Shao La 8 3 Very Strong Egg Lady 9 1 Camp Below Shao La, First Glimpse Of Chomolonzo, Jerome Ryan Near Shao La 9 2 Jerome Ryan On Shao La With Makalu And Chomolonzo
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8 3 Very Strong Egg Lady  [29 of 41]

Our Tibetan woman was effortlessly carrying a metre high box in a metal carrying container. When we stopped for a rest, she stopped too. We asked Kumar what was in the box she was carrying, and he told us, “Eggs.” Immediately Chris nicknamed her “The Egg Lady”. Chris used sign language to ask the Egg Lady if he could try lifting her load, and she smiled yes. He strained with all his strength but could just barely lift it off the ground, yet alone put it on his back and hike with us. “Man, that thing weighs a ton; she’s amazingly strong!” Chris said. He smiled back to the Egg Lady acknowledging her strength.
8 3 Very Strong Egg Lady