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7 2 Trek From Kharta In Rain, Jerome Ryan Getting Cold At Lunch Stop 7 3 Talk To Tibetan Boys, Camp At Dhampu, Yak Herders Sleeping Area 8 1 Outside Mess Tent At Dhampu After Theft 8 2 Trek From Dhampu To Camp Before Shao La 8 3 Very Strong Egg Lady
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8 1 Outside Mess Tent At Dhampu After Theft  [27 of 41]

As I drank my tea the next morning, I heard Shane cursing profusely. “Those bastards, they stole my hiking boots, my Gore-Tex jacket, and even my Tibetan phrase book.” She was fuming, and quite rightly so. “I left them in the vestibule of my tent which was zipped up. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it”. Tashi walked over and Shane went through what was stolen. Kumar and Tashi then walked to the other tents to see if anything else was stolen. Gerhardt and Valerie weren’t so lucky; he lost his Gore-Tex jacket while she had her hiking boots stolen. Kumar walked back to Shane and Valerie and told them it probably was the local villagers, and that nothing could be done. He asked them if we needed to go back to Kharta to try and find new shoes, but luckily both Shane and Valerie had running shoes.
8 1 Outside Mess Tent At Dhampu After Theft