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6 5 Children From Yulok Village Crowd Around Book At Kharta Camp 6 6 Egg Lady And Yak Herders At Kharta 7 1 Yak Herders Getting Loads Ready 7 2 Trek From Kharta In Rain, Jerome Ryan Getting Cold At Lunch Stop 7 3 Talk To Tibetan Boys, Camp At Dhampu, Yak Herders Sleeping Area
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7 1 Yak Herders Getting Loads Ready  [24 of 41]

I watched as the different loads were put together. The lead yak herder lifted each one and spoke to Tashi who told Kumar to redistribute the weight. After fifteen minutes, all was ready. Tashi assigned a small stiff piece of paper to each load, turned around and mixed up the paper, and randomly handed them out to each yak herder. It looked like a great way to ensure fair play.
7 1 Yak Herders Getting Loads Ready