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5 6 Stephen Venables And Bill Norton At Lhasa Airport 1998 5 7 Cleaning, Cooking, Dining Tent, Morning Tea 6 1 Jerome Ryan Climbing Above Kharta 6 2 Yulok Village Across River From Kharta 6 3 Old Man With Whip Yulok Village Near Kharta
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6 1 Jerome Ryan Climbing Above Kharta  [18 of 41]

The next day the British group left, and Ben and I decided to climb the 1000m hill next to our camp. There was no track, so we scrambled up a slippery rock slope with small thorny bushes, some green, a few orange. There were occasional tall thin plants with a top covers with small yellow flowers that reminded me of the Giant Lobelia in East Africa. False summit after false summit made fun of me, and after two hours I gave up - how close I was to the top Iíll never know. I glissaded down the slippery slopes and got back to the mess tent in only 40 minutes.
6 1 Jerome Ryan Climbing Above Kharta