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5 5 Kharta Camp, Sleeping Bags, Toilet 5 6 Stephen Venables And Bill Norton At Lhasa Airport 1998 5 7 Cleaning, Cooking, Dining Tent, Morning Tea 6 1 Jerome Ryan Climbing Above Kharta 6 2 Yulok Village Across River From Kharta
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5 7 Cleaning, Cooking, Dining Tent, Morning Tea  [17 of 41]

I strolled over and peaked into the kitchen, which consisted of two tents joined together, and was pleasantly surprised at how clean they kept everything. All cooking utensils, pots and pans, and dishes and cutlery were meticulously washed. Pots were soon filled with soup, vegetables and hot water and cooked over two propane stoves. The large blue mess tent was quite spacious with small metal fold-up chairs for us to sit on and three fold-up tables joined together with a tatty flowery plastic tablecloth on top. We ate our dinner together in our mess tent followed by Kumar describing the next day’s activities. In the morning, Rajin woke everybody by delivering nice warm tea to their tents, followed by hot washing water.
5 7 Cleaning, Cooking, Dining Tent, Morning Tea