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4 3 Jerome Ryan With Tingri Plain, Nomad Tent With Tingri Village, Hills Of Tingri And Cho Oyu Bathed In Evening Light 5 1 Chou Oyu Sunrise From Tingri, Young Boy At Tingri, Leaving Tingri, Stop At Chay 5 2 Cloudy Pang La, Descend To Peruche 5 3 Leaving Peruche On Way to Kharta, Lunch, Old Tibetan Man With His Yaks 5 4 Road To Kharta Crosses A River And Becomes Narrow, Kharta
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5 2 Cloudy Pang La, Descend To Peruche  [12 of 41]

From Chay the road followed a zigzag pattern to the Pang La pass (5250m). The famous view of Everest wasn’t to be, and with the wind and cold we quickly jumped back into our landcruisers. We descended the other side of the Pang La, and stopped for a half hour at the Peruche, a small village as the junction of the road to Kharta. I wandered around taking photos of the local people, still using horse and buggy to transport their provisions. I walked in to the local guesthouse and was quickly offered some Tibetan tea and a seat among the local people. I sat down and asked for a Pepsi, which I devoured quickly as I watched the local people drink their tea, talk and laugh heartily.
5 2 Cloudy Pang La, Descend To Peruche