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10 2 First Glimpse Of Everest East Kangshung Face After Leaving Joksam Camp 10 3 My Crew To Everest Kangshung East Face - Tashi, Ram, Purna, Kumar, Rajin, Phurba 10 4 Tashi Negotiating With Yak Herders 10 5 Trekking To Camp, Clouds Cover Everest Kangshung East Face From Above Camp 11 1 Trekking Towards Everest Kangshung east Face, Jerome Ryan Lunch
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10 4 Tashi Negotiating With Yak Herders  [39 of 41]

When the yak herders arrived, we just sat there for half an hour not moving at all. The Tibetans wanted to make camp right where we were, while the rest of us wanted to move farther. The warm feeling of the night before vanished as we insisted to keep trekking. Tashi implored the Tibetans to move, and after another ten minutes of haggling they agreed.
10 4 Tashi Negotiating With Yak Herders