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Kangchenjunga 04 05 Kangchenjunga North Summit Close Up From Pangpema Kangchenjunga 04 07 Kangchenjunga North Face From Above Pangpema Kangchenjunga 04 08 Wedge Peak From Above Pangpema Kangchenjunga 06 02 Jannu South-west Face From Sinion La Kangchenjunga 06 05 Trekking Crew At Sinion La - Suba Sing, guide Gyan Tamang, Pemba Rinji,Jerome Ryan, Purna and Nima Dorje
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Kangchenjunga 04 08 Wedge Peak From Above Pangpema  [6 of 12]

The aptly named beautiful ice-fluted Wedge Peak (6750m) shines in the early morning sun from above Pangpema. Frank Smythe wrote in The Kangchenjunga Adventure, “the Wedge peak seen from the north is nothing more or less than a gigantic elemental wedge. It is a brutal mountain … turn to the skyline. There ice, not ordinary ice, sharp-edged and unbroken, but ice hacked and tortured by winds, clings to the ridges; thin flakes of ice through which the sun gleams with a cold fire; pinnacles of fairy-like delicacy, elegant busts, daring minarets, extravagant mushrooms, a strange goblinesque procession, drunken and tottering, frozen in a downward march.”
Kangchenjunga 04 08 Wedge Peak From Above Pangpema

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