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304 Dhaulagiri From Just Before Khobang 305 Dhaulagiri Close Up From Just Before Khobang 306 Khobang Entrance 307 Nilgiri Central and Nilgiri South Close Up From Larjung 308 Nilgiri From Larjung, Prayer Wheels At Larjung And After Larjung, Donkey Train Near Kalopani
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306 Khobang Entrance  [21 of 23]

“We came upon a number of prayer walls adorned with slabs of rock upon which we read the classic inscription: "Om mane padme hum." We were careful to respect the religious observances of these peoples, and to pass on the left of the walls” (Maurice Herzog, Annapurna). The houses of Khobang (2580m) are located in a central tunnel that passes through the settlement to try and protect against the strong winds.
306 Khobang Entrance