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302 Tukche Entrance, Mani Wall, Carved Wooden Balcony, Jerome Ryan Drinking A Coke 303 Jerome Ryan Trekking On Kali Gandaki Riverbed After Tukuche 304 Dhaulagiri From Just Before Khobang 305 Dhaulagiri Close Up From Just Before Khobang 306 Khobang Entrance
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304 Dhaulagiri From Just Before Khobang  [19 of 23]

ďA little farther on we saw the upper slopes of Dhaulagiri, streaked with blue ice. The south-east ridge running down towards us, of which we had some hope, extended endlessly, as sharp as a blade of a knife and bristling with ice pinnacles and snow cornices - absolutely impregnable" (Maurice Herzog, Annapurna). Just before Khobang, I had another wonderful view of the ridge to Dhaulagiri. The clouds were coming fast up the face.
304 Dhaulagiri From Just Before Khobang