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204 Dhaulagiri Northeast Face From Before Tukuche 205 Dhaulagiri Northeast Face Close Up From Before Tukche 301 Tukche French Meadow 302 Tukche Entrance, Mani Wall, Carved Wooden Balcony, Jerome Ryan Drinking A Coke 303 Jerome Ryan Trekking On Kali Gandaki Riverbed After Tukuche
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301 Tukche French Meadow  [16 of 23]

I stopped briefly at a large meadow before Tukuche. “We were through the village in a few minutes, and before us lay an open stretch. On a Buddhist temple with rose-colored walls, flags flapped in the wind. Although it was not a very attractive spot, with its naked gray cliff rising gloomy above us, it was the only suitable place for our camp” (Maurice Herzog, Annapurna).
301 Tukche French Meadow