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101 Marpha View Towards North 102 Marpha Neeru Guest House In 2002 103 Marpha Hotel 2008 View Of Toilet And Shower Near Cow Pen 104 Marpha Busy Main Street 105 Marpha Tashi Lhakhang Gompa
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101 Marpha View Towards North  [1 of 23]

After lunch in Jomsom, it took us only an hour to trek along the river bank much of the way to Marpha. Marpha (2680m) is situated in a little in a side valley and is protected from the strong winds, which blow in the middle of the river valley. The rooftops are bordered by neat stacks of firewood and provide a place where the women can work in the sun, drying and processing their produce. Everything in Marpha is clean and neat.
101 Marpha View Towards North

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