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To Gokyo 1-0 Google Earth Image Of Everest Nepal Area To Gokyo 1-1 Ama Dablam At Sunrise From Khumjung To Gokyo 1-2 Trail From Khumjung To Mong To Gokyo 1-3 Mong To Gokyo 1-4 Phortse
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To Gokyo 1-1 Ama Dablam At Sunrise From Khumjung  [2 of 22]

After an early breakfast, I passed the Mani wall and again chanted ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, and ‘Buddha please show me the right way’. I headed off on the path towards my next stop in Dole. The sun shone over Ama Dablam, silhouetting a few early rising trekkers. After walking a few minutes I passed an old woman leading her sheep. I walked past her. She yelled at me. I stopped, looked at her, and continued walking. She yelled again and tugged my arm. She motioned down the hill I was ascending. I said, “Gokyo?” and pointed up the trail. She simply pointed down the hill. I finally got it through my brain that she was telling me I was on the wrong trail. I waved at her and walked down the hill and took the first trail hugging the hillside. I started walking. I heard another sound from above. I looked up and saw the same woman yelling again. I stopped and she stopped. I started walking slowly, and she started yelling again. I turned around and walked down to the next path that went in the opposite direction. This time the woman remained silent. I yelled ‘Thank you’, waved and continued walking.
To Gokyo 1-1 Ama Dablam At Sunrise From Khumjung