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201 Looking Down The Miristi Khola Gorge 202 Log Across Miristi Khola 203 Log Across Miristi Khola 204 Jerome Ryan Crossing Miristi Khola On A Log 205 Crossing the Miristi Khola on a log - Ang Phuri Sherpa,Gyan Tamang, Dhansing, Dhan Bahadur Tamang, Ram Bahadar Tamang
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203 Log Across Miristi Khola  [12 of 33]

Not much has changed since 1950. “An attempt to wade the torrent gave rise to some picturesque scenes, with a cowboy Lachenal lassooing coolies as they were swept away. Eventually we solved the problem with an improvised bridge of branches” (Lionel Terray, Conquistadors of the Useless).
203 Log Across Miristi Khola