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109 Lunch On Descent To Mirista Khola 201 Looking Down The Miristi Khola Gorge 202 Log Across Miristi Khola 203 Log Across Miristi Khola 204 Jerome Ryan Crossing Miristi Khola On A Log
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202 Log Across Miristi Khola  [11 of 33]

“A few minutes later we were all assembled on the banks of the Miristi Khola, a turbulent river that drains all the waters from the upper basins of Annapurna, the Great Barrier and the Nilgiris. From now on the route lay along the opposite bank, so we had to cross over” (Maurice Herzog, Annapurna). The boys found an old log with some two or three inch stumps sticking out put laid it cross the river. It tilted downward at an angle of about 20 degrees, about 10 feet above the river.
202 Log Across Miristi Khola